1. I've been doing Pilates for approximately 10yrs and believe it can be life changing! Naturally a good teacher is very important & I won't be looking to find anyone better than Becky. If you need help in anyway she’s there & the information you get throughout the class is faultless. You work at your level but if you’re super man/woman she can make it taxing, it’s a happy hour with plenty of smiles to accompany the work that’s guaranteed to make life easier physically. Alan

  2. Brilliant class, Becky you are a great teacher! Many thanks. I am definitely more aware of my posture and find myself straightening my back and lifting my torso up when walking. Am keeping my shoulders down more too! Julia

  3. Becky is always welcoming, prepared and clear in her instruction. She shows concern for the individual needs of class members. I have the feeling that I am in safe hands. And the classes have enabled me to have more control over my body. David

  4. Really helped my posture and mobility and I can focus and correct years of bad habits! I appreciate the personal advice and encouragement and the different options of levels in the exercises. Anne

  5. Becky is very friendly and informative whilst putting you at ease. Having been recommended to attend a pilates class after being diagnosed with arthritis, wish I had joined sooner! Although very new to me I had a feeling of well-being and felt some benefit already in relief from pain. Am looking forward to improving strength and mobility. Jo

  6. I always look forward to the class. Do try to correct my posture when walking and find I am more relaxed after a class. Very small and friendly class and finding the relaxing breathing helps me to sleep better. You are a very good teacher - a big thank you. Mavis

  7. Becky has a natural way of making everyone feel at ease. She explains each move and option and makes it clear that we must listen to our bodies and pick the option that suits us as individuals. The 'zip and hollow method' has been particularly beneficial and I am finding this has become a way of life together with the breathing - I sing in a choral society and this method has helped my sustain longer quality notes and fullness of breathe. Heather

  8. Becky is a fantastic teacher! She is extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. My confidence in doing Pilates has really grown since attending Becky's class and I am now able to do additional sessions at home on my own. I heard alot of comments from friends about attending Pilates classes but not feeling they had worked or benefited from them. Becky's classes not only make you feel like you have worked hard but I always come away feeling much more relaxed. Zoe

  9. I feel you teach in a pleasant and very explanatory way - this makes the classes both beneficial and interesting. I enjoy coming to them! Richard

  10. Attending Becky's Pilates class each week has left me feeling taller, stronger and more aligned. Pilates has made me aware of all the bad postural habits I have and I am in the process of correcting them - which is dramatically reducing my aches and pains. Becky's classes are varied and incorporate different pieces of equipment that challenge and align my body. Becky is an excellent teacher, giving excellent direction and always providing feedback. If you want to realign and reduce aches and pains, I highly recommend her classes. Nicky

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