Pilates Pathway is run by Becky Dickson, a qualified Body Control Pilates Matwork Teacher and a Certified Back4Good® Practitioner and Registered BackCare Professional with charity Backcare.

Pilates Pathway aims to make Pilates accessible to all, whether young or old, new to exercise, training for an event, rehabilitating or just because you enjoy movement. I aim to help my clients to better understand their own bodies and movement in order to reach their own personal goals; whether that’s to run a marathon, reduce risk of falls or reduce tension.

My belief is to make Pilates personal and appropriate to the individual. From years of teaching only Pilates, I understand that not every classical Pilates exercise is beneficial to every individual, which is why all clients are encouraged to work at their own level and given appropriate modifications where needed.

Group and private matwork classes take place in and around Colchester, including Stanway, Copford and West Mersea.



Benefits of Pilates

  • Improved posture and alignment
  • Better core stability, leading to a firmer, flatter stomach and a more defined waist
  • Stronger back muscles and a healthier spine
  • Increased joint mobility and bone density
  • Better co-ordination and improved balance
  • Greater muscle strength and tone; firmer buttocks and thighs, toned arms and shoulders
  • More efficient breathing pattern and increase circulation
  • Relieves unwanted stress and tension; giving you more energy

Initially Pilates is not aerobic, but it is energising, and both mentally and physically challenging for all clients. The exercises are safe enough to benefit those with back problems, yet challenging enough for professional dancers and athletes.

The ‘Body Control Pilates Certified Teacher’ kitemark is a symbol of Pilates excellence.
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